Ministries Mission Purpose

FAME Scriptural Theme: Ezekiel 47:8-10 (MSG)

He told me, “This water flows east, descends to the Arabah and then into the sea, the sea of stagnant waters. When it empties into those waters, the sea will become fresh. Wherever the river flows, life will flourish—great schools of fish—because the river is turning the salt sea into fresh water.

Where the river flows, life abounds. Fishermen will stand shoulder to shoulder along the shore from En-gedi all the way north to En-eglaim, casting their nets. The sea will teem with fish of all kinds, like the fish of the Great Mediterranean.

Mission Statement: The Mission of the A.M.E. Church is to minister to the social, spiritual, and physical development of all people. We will ex-pose Farmington Hills and the surrounding communities to the rich history and dynamic move of God through the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Purpose Statement: This history and mission has led to the planting of First African Methodist Episcopal Church, to provide leadership for the new millennium church in four primary areas:

Spiritual Excellence: FAME teaches spiritual and biblical principles  of the Bible in order to know God’s Word, live God’s Word and share God’s Word with others.

Physical Excellence:  FAME provides fitness education and programming to our membership and the community in order to promote proper health practices.

Financial Excellence: FAME furnishes financial education to our membership and the community, addressing budgeting, debt reduction, and investments in order to promote financial accountability.

Intellectual & Emotional Excellence: FAME offers seminars, workshops and trainings to our membership and community in order to grow in numerous subjects and disciplines.

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Our Facebook Page: First AME-Farmington Hills

Men’s Prayer Line

Tuesdays 7a.m. Men’s Prayer Line 712.832.8330 Access 7423059

Bible Study

Tuesdays 7:00 p.m. Bible Study in Gathering Room,  29887 West Eleven Mile Road, Farmington Hills 48336 (Between Orchard Lake & Middlebelt) ; @thePark, Meal at 5:30 pm. in Fellowship Hall of Nardin Park UMC.