Initiatives: Hudson Webber Policing

Truth and Reconciliation


Building a sustainable relationship between the applicants and the Farmington Hills Police Department and Farmington Department of Public Safety in order to encourage future collaboration through strategic community engagement efforts as well as focus groups, facilitated town-halls and listening sessions.

Establishing a framework for a community-driven process of dialogue with the police and public safety departments aimed at addressing local histories and experiences involving law enforcement and police interactions and also to build a broader understanding of the roles and duty of the police.

The CPIF fund’s desire to build the opportunity for the Truth and Reconciliation engagements to address the community’s perceptions around the reported over policing that happens to many Detroit residents who are “passing through’ Farmington and Farmington Hills to shop, dine or simply drive through is accepted and strongly embraced by the Beloved Community Initiative (BCI) and our partner Community Equity Organization (CEO).

Police reform funds allocated to five Metro Detroit communities
Under the program, police to work with community members to develop best policing practices