About First A.M.E. (FAME) Church of Farmington Hills, MI

Mission Statement

The Mission of the  First A.M.E. (FAME) Church of Farmington Hills, MI is to minister to the social, spiritual, and physical development of all people.  Farmington Hills and its surrounding communities have yet to be exposed to the rich history and dynamic move of God through the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The planting of  First A.M.E. (FAME) Church of Farmington Hills, MI will provide leadership in four primary areas.

Purpose Statement

We will prepare for the new millennium by working towards:

Spiritual Excellence
FAME will teach spiritual and biblical principles of the Bible in order to know God’s Word, live God’s Word and share God’s Word with others.

Physical Excellence
FAME will provide fitness education and programming to our membership and the community in order to promote proper health practices.

Financial Excellence
FAME will furnish financial education to our membership and the community, addressing budgeting, debt reduction, and investments in order to promote financial accountability.

Intellectual & Emotional Excellence
FAME will offer seminars, workshops and trainings to our membership and community in order to grow in numerous subjects and disciplines.


Through the lenses of Liberation and Feminist theology, we will present Jesus in a fresh, inspiring and compelling manner. Pastor John Burns will implement the skills gained as a Pastor and Spiritual Director.  Through evangelism, he will reach and walk with individuals as they grow into a closer relationship with God. The preaching will focus on the four prongs listed above.

Utilizing the rich history of our church, the many ministry offerings from the North District and the 4th Episcopal District, we will engage and involve our congregation to understand the value of the connected church.

God has provided the personal life lessons of Pastor John Burns and Rev. Dr. Pat Coleman-Burns to prepare leaders for the New Millennium Church through: writings, workshops, revolutionary development, love for people, strength of character; commitment to destroy yokes of oppression, continuing to publish and; by holding quarterly workshops and seminars.